Padgett Family Investment Company, LLC (“PFIC”) provides strategic investment capital and enterprising consulting and advising solutions to small and medium sized early stage companies.  PFIC was started in 2008 by Todd Padgett with its first investment in an online review company serving small to medium size markets not served by Yelp and other large online review companies.  Other early capital investments were done in the form of seed capital, term debt and convertible notes.  Since 2014, PFIC has made strategic capital investments in seven other companies across many different industries including:

o   A waterless, closed-loop textile cleaning solution. Using recycled liquid carbon dioxide, TERSUS cleans & decontaminates technical textiles & garments. This process restores performance, extends garment life, and gives second life to existing gear

o   An award winning education technology company utilizing a writing platform which helps high school students write compelling personal narratives that connect with college admissions offices and improve writing skills

o   Landscape project management and plant database solution for landscape architects, designers, commercial landscape companies and nurseries - "changing the way the world sees plants"

o   Consumer and market database company compiling demographic and buying trends of consumers in the cannabis industry helping educated and provide information about legal cannabis products

o   Biotech company revolutionizing the delivery of flu vaccinations and immunizations utilizing a patented needle-free technology

o   Wholesale distribution company filling a void in a fragmented industry between suppliers and retail outlets in the cannabis industry

o   Real Estate – rental properties in university communities

PFIC and its founder, Todd Padgett, also provides enterprising consulting and advising solutions for early stage companies, entrepreneurs and management teams including:

o   Strategic planning for the launch of products and services

o   Operational expertise in maximizing efficiencies and productivity

o   Back office solutions allowing small management teams to focus on business development and critical tasks of taking their products/services to market

o   Creative financing solutions allowing companies to utilize their seed capital most effectively

o   Board and Advisor role

o   Mentoring to entrepreneurs and founders helping them deal with the many challenges of starting a company or expanding the company’s foot print in the market place

o   Buy/Sell due diligence expertise for acquisitions, sale and VC based buyouts

o   Finding key C-level employees

PFIC is led by its founder and Manager Todd Padgett.  Mr. Padgett has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the telecommunications, biotech and wholesale distribution industries.  

Prior to committing full time to PFIC, Mr. Padgett was the co-founder, CFO and COO of startup biotech company that marketed and sold novel antibodies and proteins to the research community worldwide.  Mr. Padgett and his partner grew their company to include over 200,000 products with offices in US, Canada and the UK.  In 2009, Mr. Padgett and his partner executed a transaction with a San Francisco based private equity firm who invested $10.5M into the company allowing the founders to liquidate part of their ownership and providing growth capital to expand their product line and their footprint into international markets.  In 2014, the company was sold for $60M to a publicly traded biotech company.

Prior to starting their biotech company, Mr. Padgett was the VP of Finance and VP Corporate Operations for two startup telecom companies in the mid 1990’s through early 2000’s.  In his initial role as VP of Finance, Mr. Padgett was instrumental in raising over $350M of Sr. Debt Financing and $180M of VC backed equity financing.  Mr. Padgett was also in charge of acquisitions during the early growth stage of the company, completing more than 30 acquisitions over a five year period.  Post acquisition phase, Mr. Padgett was the VP of Corporate Operations serving as the liaison between corporate headquarters and its six regional managers throughout the US.  As VP of Finance for both telecom companies, Mr. Padgett was in charge of all budgeting, forecasting and investor relations.

Mr. Padgett has an undergraduate degree in Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a minor in Accounting, and an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.  Mr. Padgett is also a non-practicing CPA.